What is the correct humidity level for your home?


The answer is, every home is different, but there are several determining factors. A good place to start is around 30%. As you turn the dial on your humidistat, you will hear it click right around 30%. When it clicks, that is where you start. Pay attention for the next day or so – if there is condensation on the windows, turn the humidistat a bit lower. If the air still seems dry (shocks), turn it up a bit.  The colder it is outside, the more humidity we want, but make sure condensation is not forming on the windows. It is important that you have us check your humidifier every year so we can change the pad and check to be sure the water line is clear. If you do all of the above, your home should be healthy and comfortable!

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    This is exactly the kind of clear information I’ve been needing regarding the proper setting of my humidistat. Thanks!


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