How did we keep cool before modern air conditioning?

Ancient Romans, the wealthy ones, filtered the water from the aqueduct through the walls of their homes. One Roman emperor imported snow down from the mountains in the summer and build his own mountain of snow to try to stay cool. President James Garfield had air blown through cotton sheets that had been doused in ice water.

Then a man named Willis Carrier came along, but he was just looking for something to take the humidity out of his printing plant, not to cool humans. In the U.S. today, over 87% of homes have air conditioning.

Stay cool (but call us if you’re not)!

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    Janet R


    It’s almost mid-July and we’ve had a string of hot days. As much as I prefer to have the windows open in my home, I am so grateful for air conditioning! The memory of suffering through hot days without it compels me to call Carlson Company every summer to make sure my units are in good working order. It is one small area of life where I can rely on something to work as it should, because they have done their job right!


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