Generators information

A standby generator is for use during a power outage…whether the outage lasts two hours, two days or two weeks. Standby means that it is basically sitting there, waiting until it’s needed. It senses the power outage and turns on automatically, whether you’re there or not. The size generator you need depends on what you want to power during the outage. You can power just a few things, like the furnace, some lights and the refrigerator (basically the essentials) or you can have a larger size that will power the entire house. Of course there are also sizes in-between. 

Spring Storm Preparedness, Part 2

This time our subject is electric generators. What happens when there is a power outage because of a storm? You lose power, sometimes that can be for a few hours and sometimes it can be for a few days. The food in your refrigerator and freezer will be fine for about 7-10 hours, but after that it’s a total loss. You also do not have power for your sump pump or other equipment your home needs to function properly.

Generators come in different sizes, which are based on what your needs are during a power outage. There are small sizes which will power only a few small circuits or larger sizes that can power your whole house. The most common things to power are your furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator and sump pump. It is very important to determine what your needs are before any systems are installed.

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