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What happens when you move into a new home that has an old thermostat? Ideally, you call us to replace it with a new smart thermostat. But what if, new or old, it’s in an awkward place? There are ways to “disguise” it. I think these are very clever ideas – let’s try one of them!

 thermostat 1                           thermostat 2                                thermostat 3



The Benefits of a Clean Furnace

Your gas-fired furnace should be cleaned and checked every fall. This service will help the furnace to run more efficiently and help it last longer. It will also allow us to check the integrity of the heat exchanger and ensure there are no carbon monoxide leaks. Remember that the blower motor runs in the summer for the air conditioning and in the winter for the furnace. It’s one of hardest working parts! Be sure to call us today to schedule this valuable service.

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